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Caring, Emergency Orthodontist in Casa Grande & Marana, AZ

While our team rarely encounters orthodontic emergencies, they do occur! When patients experience them, they can cause a lot of pain. The good thing is that our team at Walton Orthodontics prepares for these emergencies and offers caring, compassionate orthodontic care in Casa Grande and Marana. We do our best to leave spots open in our daily schedule to accommodate urgent visits. If you or your child experiences orthodontic or dental pain, or your orthodontic appliance breaks, please call us or schedule an appointment at our Casa Grande or Marana location right away. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook for additional information!

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What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

You might hold off on seeing an emergency orthodontist in Casa Grande because you aren’t sure if it is really an emergency. In general, it is always best to call our office and explain the situation so we can give you the best advice. If an appliance breaks, it is much harder to replace if too much time passes – and your treatment will be interrupted which could stall your progress and success. There are many things you can do at home to help orthodontic dilemmas until you see an orthodontist, however.

General Soreness or Discomfort

Some soreness and discomfort are normal and expected immediately following orthodontic appliance placement or adjustment. Severe pain, especially if accompanied by bleeding or fever, should be addressed immediately. For mild discomfort, you can try these things to help alleviate the soreness:

  • Gargle with warm salt water every few hours (use 1 teaspoon of salt for every 8 ounces of water).
  • Apply a warm compress to the outside of the mouth where the pain is.
  • Take Acetaminophen as directed.
  • Eat a soft diet until the pain subsides (jello, pudding, soup, mashed potatoes, etc).
  • Use over-the-counter numbing aids such as Orabase.

Loose or Broken Brackets and Wires

Unfortunately, brackets can become loose or broken. This can cause a lot of uncomfortable pokes to your cheeks, tongue, and gums. The best thing to do at home if this happens is to place a small piece of wax on the end of the wire or bracket until an orthodontist can repair it. The wax will protect the cheeks from getting poked. If the bracket is really loose, you can slide it off and put it in a safe place to bring to your appointment.

If the wire has just come loose, you can use disinfected scissors or nail clippers to clip the end before placing the wax or use the end of a pencil eraser to push it down or back into place.

Headgear Discomfort

One of the main appliances that can cause discomfort is headgear, especially if it isn’t worn as instructed. You may feel pain with headgear until you adjust to it, but making sure to wear it as directed is the most important part in this appliance becoming comfortable. If you really have a hard time adjusting or the pain is too much – you may need to come into our office for an adjustment.

Dedicated to Your Comfort

Dr. Walton and his team are dedicated to providing excellence in emergency orthodontic care in Casa Grande and Marana. If you have an orthodontic emergency, please schedule an appointment right away. There is no reason to stay uncomfortable.

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