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Braces and Invisalign


With over 30 years of experience helping patients correct misalignment, spacing, and bite issues, Dr. Walton and his team are excited to meet with you and start this new journey. You may be feeling overwhelmed or have many questions – and we are happy to answer any and all of them!

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Orthodontics for Adults

Moreover, more and more adults are choosing to correct orthodontic issues and misalignment. Learn more about orthodontics for adults and what may be the right choice for you.

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Orthodontic Appliances

At Walton Orthodontics, we’re constantly seeking ways to enhance our patients’ confidence and provide them with more reasons to smile! Moreover, we are delighted to offer a wide range of orthodontic options, treatments, and appliances aimed at helping you achieve optimal dental health and comfort.

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More and more teens and adults are opting for the smile of their dreams with Invisalign! While traditional braces are a successful choice for many, especially those with severe misalignment, clear alignment systems, on the other hand, allow patients the ability to correct dental issues discreetly and quickly. Moreover, they are in control of their treatment and success.

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Children's Orthodontics

Children will benefit from early orthodontic intervention (Phase 1). Consequently, we love helping kids get started on the right dental path. Additionally, teens may be good candidates for Invisalign.

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Emergency Orthodontics

While orthodontic emergencies are rare, they do happen! However, when they do occur, they can cause a lot of pain for patients. The good thing is that our team at Walton Orthodontics is prepared for these emergencies and offers caring, compassionate orthodontic care in Casa Grande and Marana.

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Wearing a dental retainer after orthodontic treatment is essential. This is crucial, especially after you finish any sort of orthodontic treatment. Whether you spent the last 12 months using a clear alignment system like Invisalign®, or you had severe misalignment or crowding that required a couple of years of traditional braces to correct, maintaining the use of a retainer is key.

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